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Poldine Carlo

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Poldine Demoski Carlo was born at Nulato on 5 December 1920. She was raised by her grandparents Joseph and Anna Stickman, who were known as two of the most powerful medicine people living on the Yukon. She married William Carlo in 1940, and they had eight children, William Jr., Kenny, Walter, Glenn, Dorothy, Lucy, Kathleen, and Stewart who died in 1975. Poldine was one of the founding members of the FNA and has served on the Alaska Bicentennial Commission board and as a consultant for Tanana Chiefs Conference. She is author of Nulato: An Indian Life on the Yukon.


This interview was conducted in October 1991 by Bernice Joseph and Poldine Carlo, Sally Hudson, and Hannah Solomon, three prominent elders who are now living in Fairbanks. Poldine is from Nulato, Sally is from Rampart, and Hannah is from Fort Yukon. Each of these elders has contributed over many years to the FNA.

This interview is housed on tape at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Rasmuson Library, Oral History Collection, Tape H92-05-05

Selling village arts and crafts for FNA
Rampart/ arts and crafts/ villages/ Nulato/ fund-raising/ Fort Yukon/ sales/ Perdue, Ralph/ Nordale Hotel

Growth of Arts and Crafts Sales
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Fairbanks/ salmon bake/ Alaskaland/ Tanana Valley Fair/ beadwork/ fur/ ivory carving/ Northward Building/ art - quality/ parkas/ Fairbanks -1967 flood/ Co-op Drugstore/ Fairbanks Native Association - shop/ lifestyle - change

Effort in producing FNA Potlatch
carnival/ Fairbanks Native Association - potlatch/ potlatch - committees/ food - bread/ food - cakes/ food - meat/ Fairbanks Correctional Center - assistance/ food - salmon/ clothing - parkas/ clothing - mocassins/ holidays - Christmas/ Eagle's Hall/ Fifth Avenue/ Minto - dancers/ Nulato - dancers/ Stickman, Joe/ travel - dog teams/ travel - plane

Friendship with each other
Fort Yukon/ Fairbanks/ Hudson, Sally/ potlatch/ mission/ Carlo, Poldine/ food - campfire tea

Preparing for the FNA Potlatch
potlatch - donations/ food - salmon

Changes in Native Culture in Fairbanks and in Villages
Perdue, Ralph/ dog races/ bars/ potlatch - at Poldine Carlo's house/ dance/ music/ jobs/ education/ culture - change/ Rampart/ World War II/ trade - fish/ trade - furs/ trade - cash

Selling Arts and Crafts
Fairbanks - 1967 flood/ Alaskaland/ arts and crafts sales

Difference between life in Fairbanks and the Villages
Native youths/ lifestyle - village/ beadwork/ ? , Michelle/ Fairbanks/ Fort Yukon/ disease - chickenpox/ Rampart/ Carlson (Evans), Marge/ Little League baseball/ ?, Peter/ wood-cutting/ Birch Park Apartments/ fuel - oil/ arts and crafts - sales

The FNA in the old days and things it should be doing today
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Fairbanks Native Association - office/ Third Avenue/ Doyon/ caribou skin - fleshing/ Native Center/ Fairbanks Native Association - changes/ language - teaching children/ beaver skins - tanning/ Venetie/ villagers - Fairbanks meetings place/ FNA - community services/ Golden Towers/ substance abuse - treatment/ Co-op Drugstore/ Scott, Jo and Dick