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Tanana Valley State Fair, early 1960s. Sally Hudson (l) and Dorothy Hertlein (r) selling crafts

According to Sally Hudson, crafts sold by the FNA were an important method of fundraising. People eagerly volunteered to work the booths at fairs such as the Golden Days and State Fair, and all of the crafts sold came from the villages. The quality of the items was always high, she recalls. Ten percent of the sales profits went to benefit the FNA and its activities.

 FNA Bazaar, early 1960s Poldine Carlo (r) and Sally Hudson (l) organize the crafts


In this News-Miner photograph (no date), Sally Hudson and Poldine Carlo organizing for the first FNA craft sale. At the time of this picture, the sale was held in the Northward Building, Fairbanks.

Poldine Carlo in the FNA craft booth, early 1960s


Besides craft sales, rummage sales were another important source of income for the early FNA. In 1965, a rummage sale was held in the Nerland building in downtown Fairbanks.

Lily Evans (l) and Marge Wright (r) cooking For FNA Potlatch in early 1960s


Preparing food for the FNA potlatch was one of the most important jobs in the FNA

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