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     After Raven created the world people said, "What are we going to eat?"

     So he went out to sea looking for food. Soon he saw a big whale. As soon as it blew out of its air hole, Raven flew right into the hole; this killed the whale. Raven stayed inside, however, he stuck his head out of the blow hole, but he couldn't get all the way out.

     Raven made a wish.  "I wish this whole whale would go to a sandy beach, but not a rocky place."

     Raven's wish came true and the whale drifted ashore at a nice, calm, sandy beach.  This was in Dry Bay.

     The whole tribe took lots of meat and fat from the dead whale.  After they took their share of the meat and fat, they prepared it for winter supply. After they took everything out, an old man came to see if he could get some meat from the whale.

     Raven stuck his head out of the ribs.  "I wish somebody could cut a hole so I could get out of the whale -- so I can fly out."

     And the old man went to the people. He surprised the people with what he heard.  When all the whale was cut up, Raven was able to free himself.

     Everything was cooked, enough for 5 or 10 years.  Raven goes sneaking around the house. Somebody gives him fat and fish as well as dried meat.

     He asked the people, "Did you hear anything inside?"


     "What did you hear?"  (The people repeated the Tlingit phrase)

     Raven put down the dish of whale meat given him.  "This happened before.  I wouldn't eat that.  My father and my grandfather and my uncles eat a whale like that and die."  He began to cry, "i, i, i, i, i!"  He told the people, "The whale meat is dangerous."

     He told the people if they all went to the woods, they'd live; if they wanted to eat the whale meat they'd all die.

     After everyone goes he took the meat into the wood to hide it. He wanted all the whale meat himself.  The people caught him hiding it.

     They made fun of him.  They torched him.  Raven was white before but they now smoke him.  They torch it, poor Raven, now he is black from the smoke.

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