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Mary Ellen Duggan Clark talk to Sande Faulkner about...

1) ...her background.

born - Goldfield, NV\ Superior, CO\ Kennecott - 1924-1933\ 6 years old - first came to Kennecott\ father - mining engineer\ Latouche, AK\ Kennecott Copper\ memories of Latouche\ mining - copper|

2) ...her family's background.

mining - gold\ [Illinois] - father from\ University of Utah\ California - mom [born Duante, CA]\ [mother graduated from Berkeley, CA]/ mom taught - Goldfield, NV\ father - mining engineer\ Rockville, IN\ family - Ivesdale, Illinois|

3) ...coming to Kennecott.

Latouche\ Cordova\ Chitina\ Kennecott\ mine - closure\ Climax, Colorado\ Climax Molybdenum Company\ Leadville|

4) ...getting to school from Kennecott.

school\ travel\ sister - born 1922 in Latouche\ hospital|

5) ...description of the school in Kennecott.

school - description\ Waters, Ruth\ Danielson, Eric|

6) ...housing facilities for single employees.

staff house\ nurses\ office secretary\mess hall\ illness - mom|

7) housing and her father's job.

house - she lived in\ father - mill superintendent|

8) ...class relations, clothing, laundry, and cleaning.

class relations\ clothing\ laundry|

9) pageants and holidays.

school pageants\ Christmas|

10) and personal appearance.

clothing - homemade\ hairstyles|

11) ...domestic furnishings, and the company store.

Ziegler painting\ furniture\ piano\ Kennecott store\clothing|

12) ...her boarding school in California.

school\ travel\ summer vacation|

13) ...illness, and McCarthy.

illness\ McCarthy|

14) ...transportation around Kennecott

car\ railroad\ Cordova\ Tonsina\ Chitina\ Valdez\ town picnics|

15) ...recreational activities

winter sports\ dances\ movies\ tennis\ hiking|


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