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jeanette starr, marilyn starr,marian edwin, lee edwinExcerpts from Tapes # H95-47 vol 1& 2
Patty Bowen talks about Lee Edwin:

"Lee was a good friend to us all, and wanting to know the stories he told and searching them out on tape... is a big part of how all this project started. Lee Edwin, for many years, willingly and naturally taught anyone (wanting to know) the traditional skills he was expert at by doing...
lee edwin and freinds




...When I first came to Tanana in '68, his family was the only one still movin' from place-to-place -- Rampart--Manley--Tanana. He trapped up Dugan Creek and Baker Creek out of Manley. He used to catch a lot of fur up that way. I remember their family fishing up Rapids, my first fish camp experience."


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