Language Lessons

joe and glayds john

Excerpts from Tapes # H95-47 vol 1& 2
Effie Kokrine speaks of Joe John:

"...we used to call that Magic Island and Andrew was up Fairbanks and I wanted to walk so I tell Pauline (Yaska at that time), I said lets go down Old Station- lets go down to Kallands OK so we put a teapot in her packsack and we started to cross we stop at Joe Johns because he could see us on the river anybody goin on the river they're goin to see them so we're gonna walk down to Kallands he say no you better not he say...I'm goin to bake a cake you stay here while I bake a cake "Nope" I say I'm wanna go- he tried to get us not to go but I was tough so we walked down to Kallands and then went all the way to Katherine Mayo's and back again "JoJaroh" Basko Minook's and then joe and glayds johnPauline petered out so next day he gave us a ride up the road a ways and then we walk back again 17th of March..."

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