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Marian Edwin on Sarah and Jimmy Albert:
"You know, before Jimmy died I stopped by I had something to give her so I went back and I gave it to her and she was sittin and she say, she put things away she say I tell her "oh, you were sewing?" and she sit on the bed you know ya she say I'm makin something for Jimmy I say oh ya well I know he's sick and I know he's goin in the hospital and she say she's makin, so in case if he die and she showed me the glove, the moccasin, you know that tie on moccasin, the old style she said she made for him. "
Excerpts from Tapes # H95-47 vol 1& 2
Mae Edwin on Sarah and Jimmy Albert:

"Well, ah I always call em 'auntie', 'uncle'...You know we learn those from the old people way back when I don't really know much about their life but they were a pretty nice couple, too. She was always nice to me and so was Uncle Jimmy her husband...they always used to really be nice treated me as their own."

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