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Tape # H91-12-87
Florence Albert speaks in English and Koyukon about...

1) Background on the story of 'Old Man' Bowuyuulni.
Bowuyuulni - English\ Old Fish Creek Joseph\ Tanana River\ Cos Jacket\ Fish Lake\ Cos Jacket Hill\ willows\ Mission Hill|

2) A snaring story.
hunting - caribou\ hunting - bow and arrow\ potlatch\ moose - sinew\ trapping - beaver\ snare - beaver\ Bowuyuulni - Athabascan\ willow - diamond\ fish lake\ songs - "be'oze"|

3) The meeting between Indian chiefs and George Wickersham, 1915 (background of story in English).
William, Paul - preacher\ William, Paul - interpreter\ Folger, Johnny\ boats\ Nulato\ Galena\ Koyukon\ Ruby\ Stevens Village\ Beaver\ Salcha\ Tanacross\ Minto \ Tolovana\ Cosjacket\ Manley Hot Springs\ meeting - chiefs|

4) A story about two boys who slept all winter.
stories - winter\ stories - sleep\ old-timers|

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