Language Lessons

Excerpts from Tapes # H95-47 vol 1& 2
florence albert and freindEffie Kokrine speaks of Florence Albert:
"When I used to go to Tanana she always single me out to talk to me about cleaning moose skins and stuff and she showed me the special little flesher that her husband made for her because it had an extra wide blade and she said that you put a moose skin in the water, the brain solution. And if you don't have the brain solution she showed me how you boil up the whitefish and use the broth for the tanning solution to put the moose skin in, and how you flesh, work the moose skin with your solution. And because she knew I was very interested in doing all this Native work, so she used to start right in talking to me about how we do this and it seems like it gave her so much pleasure to talk to me because she could talk to me in her level and I understand her Native tongue and I understand what she mean when she is talking about fleshing the skin and soaking it and stuff like that...."

Patty Bowen talks of Florence Albert:
"I'm so thankful we can still hear Florence's laugh because it allows me to still see that spark in her eyes when she did. I envision her still, walkin' down Front Street swayin' side to side, with her pocket-purse danglin' her hair pulled back and her wrinkled face smilin', brightening your day to cross her path. She is so admired -- for her traditional skills but most specially for her singing and song-making She was the life of Tanana's singers."

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