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edgar josephExcerpts from Tapes # H95-47 vol 1& 2
Effie Kokrine talks about Edgar Joseph: "Edgar Joseph, his father was Old Joseph, that used to sit on the bank at Fish Creek. The grass was cut way back and they had a tent always in front of the, at the point of the slough, every spring we go there and we go dip fish, and that's one of my earliest memories because our camp was 3 miles below the point of Fish Creek. And so Edgar and Abbie were part of the extension of my early childhood memories."

abbie and edgar joseph



Mae Edwin talks about her parents ~ Edgar and Abbie Joseph : "The only time my parents used to take us to town was the 4th of July, just so we could see kids playing I guess I don't know but to me too, I don't know,...that picture we saw of that hotel that is where mom and them used to take us to...Then after the 4th of July is over there we go back up to Fish Camp stay there all the time, we don't (know what to think about town?) And you know momma she used to work hard. She had a garden, right there in front of the house..."

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