Language Lessons

Excerpts from Tapes # H95-47 vol 1& 2
Effie Kokrine talks of Alfred Starr:alfred starr
"Alfred Starr was an unknown to me when I came back from Eklutna in 1934. He had, seems like, just come back from going to school someplace. It seemed like he was educated or went to school in the states so he was, he was able to speak out to the public very clearly and seems like he was the mouthpiece... well, anyway what I especially admired about him was he used to pack around this little baby that was Lizzie's and you never see men do that and he used to, he wasn't ashamed to show that because, you know, at that time it was very very hard for a woman with a child and he showed alfred starr 2kindness like he was showin the world that this was how he was gonna do it so that's an outstanding thing about him that I remember..."

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