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Irene Jimmy -- No Photo Available
Basket Weaving, Beadwork, and Raven's Tail Weaving

(excerpts from Irene Jimmy interview)

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3) Learning basket weaving, and the steps involved in basket weaving.

Jimmy, Irene -- mother/ weaving -- basket/ weaving -- learning/ Churchill, Selene/ Churchill, Delores/ artists/ art -- carrying on/ spruce roots -- collecting/ spruce roots -- preparation/ weaving -- annual cycle|

10) Relearning her own culture, especially plant use and beadwork.

culture -- learning/ knowledge -- lack of/ generations -- differences/ plants -- use of/ Littlefield, Esther/ beadwork/ beading -- learning/ beadwork -- personal use|

11) The revival of Raven's Tail Weaving.

Raven's Tail Weaving/ Hays, Ellen/ Rofkar, Teri/ Laws, Marie/ weaving -- robe/ Yaw, Mr./ Anchorage/ robe -- story/ Sitka/ resources -- use of/ berries -- salmonberries/ fish -- herring/ basket -- design/ Presbyterian Church|

12) Explains the geometric designs of Raven's Tail Weaving.

Raven's Tail Weaving/ design -- meaning of/ Sitka/ Sealaska Corporation/ robe -- story|

13) Learning Raven's Tail Weaving, and how it differs from Chilkat Weaving.

Raven's Tail Weaving -- learning/ Samuel, Cheryl/ Rofkar, Teri/ weaving -- style/ Chilkat Weaving/ weaving -- cedar bark/ cedar bark -- shredded/ design -- meaning of/ Raven's Tail Weaving/ weaving -- technique/ drawstring|

14) Learning and doing Chilkat Weaving.

Chilkat Weaving/ Sitka/ Lynn Canal/ Haines/ Chilkat Weaving -- learning/ robe -- time to make/ weaving -- cedar bark/ weaving -- wild goat hair|

15) Weaving as an art form.

weaving -- time involved/ weaving -- quality/ weaving -- art/ Clamott, Jenny/ robe -- design/ weaving -- differences/ weaving -- design/ Brown, Steve/ weaving -- gender roles|

16) Teaching and sharing weaving practices and techniques.

Jimmy, Irene -- daughters/ Chilkat Weaving/ Cultural Center/ Indigenous Weavers Workshop/ weaving -- teaching/ knowledge -- sharing/ conference -- benefits of|

19) The importance and beauty of Tlingit art, and the Park's role in making it more accessible to the public.

Cultural Center/ art -- importance of/ art -- ownership/ ancestors/ art -- pride in/ art -- display of/ artist demonstrations|



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