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Steven Attla

Mike Spindler interviewed Steven Attla from Huslia, on April 28, 1995, May 13, 1997 and August 4 1997. The interview was edited and produced by Mike Spindler.

STEVEN ATTLA was born at Hughes in 1924. He grew up living off the land as his family alternated between winters of trapping near Huslia and summers of fishing on the Yukon River near Nulato. In 1944, he settled in Cutoff when he married Catherine Charlie. He then went to work on the Yukon River barges, and in 1965 he became a tugboat pilot. For his license test he had to draw, from memory, every channel and bend in the Tanana and Yukon Rivers, from Fairbanks to the Yukon Mouth. Steven's memory abilities also shine when he tells stories of growing up in the countryside, making hunting trips, and traveling by dog team or river boat. While telling stories, Steven interweaves picturesque details with a lesson and good humor. These days he spends most of his time hunting, trapping, or fishing near Huslia. If you catch him at home, he may be busy making sleds or canoes from birch and spruce that he mills in his back yard. Neighbors and friends often stop by his house to enjoy a story or two and they feel free to seek his help and advice, whether its about fishing, trapping, or making equipment repairs.

The goal of Raven's Story is to record elders' stories, observations, and experiences relating to wildlife, fish, and subsistence in the Koyukuk and middle Yukon areas of interior Alaska. This Raven's Story was produced by Mike Spindler at public radio station KIYU-AM in Galena, Alaska, with the support of Louden Tribal Council and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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H96-19 Part 1 (1995 CD 1)
2) Weather (8:33)
8) Bear meat (10:00) 

H96-19 Part 2 (1995 CD 2)
1) Geese (9:23)
2) Ducks (6:44)
5) Trapping (10:32)

H96-19 Part 3 (1995 CD 3)
1) Wolves (10:52)

H99-01-01/02 (1995 CD 4)

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