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Katmai National Park

Click on one of the villages on the map or their respective thumbnails to access oral history recordings, transcripts and photographs.

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This project contains oral history interviews and photographs from Native and non-Native people who live near or have been associated with Katmai National Park and Preserve, located in south-western Alaska. There is much discussion about traditional life and land use practices in the region, and how establishment of the Park effected access, in particular the use of All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV). In the early 1990s, the National Park Service funded the University of Alaska Fairbanks Oral History Program to conduct interviews with residents of Igiugig, Levelock, Kokhanok and South Naknek about their lives and experiences related to the Park, its establishment, and subsistence living in the area. Starting in the mid-1990s, the material was put into an HTML-based format for interactive access to the recordings, photographs, maps, and transcripts. It was available at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the Park headquarters in Anchorage. In 2003, Marla Statscewich of the Oral History Program updated the program, contacted original project participants about web access, and made it available on the Internet.

Interviewers for this project were William Schneider, Don Callaway, Pat Partnow, Mary Jane Nielsen and Judith Morris.

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