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Vera, matriarch of the large Angasan family of South Naknek, hosted Pat Partnow and Mary Jane Nielsen in her King Salmon home on March 23, 1998. In this interview,Vera remembers her own role as a child in the household of Pelagia and One-Arm Nick Melgenak, helping haul water and wood and helping with the late summer redfish harvesting. Her memories continue through her adulthood, when she and her husband, Trefon Angasan, Sr., took their ten children to Kittiwik camp at the mouth of Brooks River to obtain the year's supply of redfish, and used other parts of the park to gather food for the year, from seagull eggs to moose and bear.

Vera also remembers the uses of a number of plants, both for medicine and food. During much of the interview, she was looking through plant books to identify by English name the Alutiiq plants she was familiar with.

Vera Angasan was born at Ugashik, Alaska on October 4, 1924 to Joe and Anishia Kie and passed away on December 2, 2016 in Anchorage, Alaska. For more about Vera, see her obituary in the Alaska Dispatch News newspaper.

Part 1

Section 1: Katmai; land use; fish -- redfish; Melognak, Arsenia; Melgenak, Teddy; boat; Kittiwik; fish -- storage; fishing -- nets; fishing -- regulations.

Section 2: Fish -- splitting; fish -- rack; water -- collecting, childhood -- responsibilities; cabin; grass -- uses of; berries -- picking; Dumpling Mountain; wood -- packing; wood -- types.

Section 3: Wood -- types; wood -- gathering; fish -- cutting; fish -- splitting; Old Lady Gramma (Melgenak, Pelagia); fish -- hanging; fish -- drying; fish -- numbers; Kanartaq; blow-flies; fish preparation -- season; cabin.

Section 4: Cabin; food -- storage; food -- purchased; food -- preparation; Melgenak, Pelagia; Kinertanguaq; Indians; cooking; food -- bread.

Section 5: Gathering -- greens; gathering -- seasons; berries -- picking; berries -- types; Katmai; berries -- locations; trails; bears; Old Savonoski; bear -- preparation.

Section 6: Bear -- preparation; Gramma (Melgenak, Pelagia); food -- bear fat; bear stomach -- drying; clothes -- bear guts; food -- bear feet.

Section 7: Gramma (Melgenak, Pelagia); food -- waste; bear -- use of; hide -- uses of; fur -- buyers; sled; hunting -- ducks; duck -- mallard; bird -- geese; bird -- Scaup; bird -- behavior; caribou.

Section 8: Food -- sharing; bird -- Scoter; bird -- plucking; Gramma (Melgenak, Pelagia); bird -- swan; birds -- food; Old Savonoski; New Savonoski; Kittiwik; boat -- sailboat; boat -- gas boat; boat -- dory; dogs; fish -- bundles; subsistence.

Section 9: Kanartaq; fish; fish -- dogfood; Kittiwik; Eating Rock; ritual -- food; Gramma (Melgenak, Pelagia); ritual -- place; Angasan, Theodore; childhood -- memory; subsistence.

Section 10: Teaching -- children; Junior (Angasan, Trefon Jr.); bird -- spruce hen; Katmai; bird hunting -- snares; gun -- .22 rifle; spruce hen -- food preparation; ptarmigan; spruce hen -- hunting; berries -- location; Old Savonoski.

Section 11: Buildings; grass; boat; fishing -- nets; Melgenak, Teddy; subsistence -- division of labor; South Naknek; Naknek; Olympic, Nick; [New] Savonoski; cache; fish -- numbers.

Section 12: Park boundary -- impact; ice fishing; freeze up; egg gathering; Savonoski River; Naknek River; Lake Naknek; Angasan, Trefon Sr.; ice fishing -- dangers; ice fishing -- skiff; fish -- preparation; Park Service.

Section 13: Regulations -- Fish and Game; Park regulations -- impacts; dogs -- feeding; Gramma (Melgenak, Pelagia); tallow; dogs; stories.

Section 14: Stories -- crow; bird -- geese; birds -- singing; birds -- swallows; [New] Savonoski.

Section 15: Food -- candy; Taata (Melgenak, One-Arm Nick); Gramma (Melgenak, Pelagia); cannery; relatives -- care by; Little Jimmy (Tretikoff, Gregory); Angasan, Vera -- stepfather; Kie, Steve; Angasan, Vera -- brother; animals -- respect; trapping -- alone; Smiley (Knutson, John Jr.); Knutson, Johnny Sr.

Section 16: Trapping -- cabin location; Chukan, Paul; Johnson, Alec; Johnson, Effie -- father; Loaf of Bread Hill; childhood -- responsibilities; caribou; trees -- type; Naknek.

Section 17: Trees -- alder; fear; Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes; water -- collecting; wood -- packing; washing clothes; supplies; Melgenak, Pelagia; food -- fish; food -- fry bread; meat; Angasan, Martin; food -- peanut butter; Gramma (Melgenak, Pelagia); food -- fruit.

Section 18: Food -- fruit; food -- dried fruit; food -- storage; tea; fish -- preparation; Zimin, Carvel; Anchorage; South Naknek; fish -- drying.

Section 19: McCarlo, Malia; Melgenak, Teddy -- mother; namesake; illness -- lack of; bandages; Pelagia; medicine -- traditional; disease -- 1918 flu epidemic; death; disease -- containment; Melgenak, One-Arm Nick.

Section 20: Illness -- father; disease -- flu; disease -- containment; cross; Savonoski; subsistence -- down river; plant -- ciwasaq; medicine -- traditional; gathering -- plants; Akutaq; food -- plant preparation.

Section 21: Plant -- wild celery (meluggaq); gathering -- plants; plant -- location; food- plant preparation; Gramma (Melgenak, Pelagia); [New] Savonoski; blackberries; Qawaluruq; Taarriq.

Section 22: Perryville; plant -- location; plant-- roots; Taarriq; medicine -- traditional; steambath; plant -- wormwood; Naknek Lake; Elbie, Anishia; plant-- labrador tea; plant -- yarrow (qanganaruaq); squirrel.

Part 2

Section 23: Plant -- qanganaruaq; plant -- caiglluk; plant -- location; medicine -- traditional; plant -- angelica; plant -- wild onion.

Section 24: Berries -- preparation; food -- fish eggs; Elbie, Anishia; plant -- kanartaq; medicine -- traditional; Savonoski; plant -- storage; plant -- chocolate lily.

Section 25: Plant -- chocolate lily; Gramma (Melgenak, Pelagia); plant -- location; Savonoski; plant --cutnguaq; plant -- preparation; plant -- lovage.

Section 26: Plant -- wild spinach (ciwasaq); plant -- parsley; plant -- location; plant -- preparation; mushroom; plant --cutnguaq.

Section 27: Plant -- with yellow flower; Melgenak, Teddy; seal; Gramma (Melgenak, Pelagia).

Section 28: [New] Savonoski; seal; seal oil -- preparation; seal fat; Wilson, Richard; Angasan, Nola; Angasan, Maria; food -- preparation; whale -- beluga; hunting -- beluga; Wassillie, Andrew.

Section 29: Food -- sharing; seal oil; whale -- beluga; Wassillie, Andrew. 

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