Picture of Orville Huntington
Orville Huntington interviewed by Bill Schneider with Sidney Stephens in Fairbanks, Alaska on February 28, 2003.

Tape Number: H2001-113-07

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The complete interview and unedited transcript is available at the Oral History Office at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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1) Observations on climatic and environmental changes in the Koyukuk Region.
geese -- hunting\ ducks\ environmental changes -- rapid\ springtime|

2) Environmental changes and listening to the Elders.
Uncle Sidney\ changes\ Koyukuk River\ Elders\ river -- width 1/4 mile\ erosion\ channel -- changing\ fish -- effects\ water -- dirty\ fungus -- grows on fish\ glowing fish\ bacteria\ water -- colder\ Galena\ fish -- not healthy\ Koyukuk River\ temperature -- monitor\ Henry, Matthew -- grandfather\ traditional knowledge -- passed on\ riddles\ long-term memory\ beaver\ climate change\ permafrost -- loss\ water -- creates energy\ US Fish and Wildlife Service\ tree line -- moving north\ moose -- fat\ snow -- tastes different|

3) Permafrost melting out and water flushing.
permafrost -- thick, no flushing\ water -- gets high in the spring\ vegetation -- wiped out\ ice -- not thick anymore\ slush\ water level -- not high enough\ pattern -- different\ jams -- use to come over banks\ floods\ Allakaket\ rains -- heavy\ flush -- easy\ Hughes\ double break-up\ ice -- unpredictable\ shelf ice -- no ice under it\ permafrost\ Little Lake\ Big Lake\ tundra|

4) Monitoring the environmental changes.
water temperatures\ quality of snow\ snow depth\ Chapin, Terry\ warmth\ snow -- lack of\ heat -- builds up\ Galena\ water -- sits on ice\ vegetation -- none\ cold\ snow deposition\ wildlife use\ willow heights\ old beaver houses\ beaver -- along the river\ ice thickness\ warm weather\ break-up\ freeze-up\ harvest patterns\ US Fish and Wildlife Service\ Elders -- tell stories\ Turco, Kathy\ long-term memory\ bear den\ environmental change\ old village\ trees -- huge\ upriver\ fire\ trees -- build up\ stress -- from drought\ traditional knowledge\ wisdom|

5) Elders and change.
changes -- recent\ stories\ Koyukuk River\ spring -- like winter\ Krupnik, Igor\ St. Lawrence Island\ sea ice\ averages\ trends -- warming\ Grandma Angeline\ teaching\ changes -- go way back\ documentation|

6) Learning from the Elders.
storytelling\ learning\ knowledge -- giving back\ changes -- understanding them\ weather predictions\ scientist\ Elders -- want to learn\ global climate change\ hunters\ understanding\ sky -- red\ month -- warm\ full moon\ Anchorage\ rain\ winter condition -- spring\ geese\ weather event\ western science\ information\ Huslia\ trapping|

7) Changes in different species.
beluga whales\ Northwest Alaska\ Koyukuk River\ belugas -- leave alone\ fish\ beluga -- moved fishnet\ geese -- seen near drainages\ song birds\ Athabaskan\ songs -- different\ birds -- less today\ cow birds\ bird eggs\ seagull\ Willow Lake\ geese -- stay weeks longer\ bears -- don't talk about them\ wind -- birds leave\ Kotzebue\ prevailing wind\ storms -- more intense|

8) Listening to the Elders is the responsibility of the younger generation.
hunters\ responsibility\ US Fish and Wildlife Service\ village -- growing up in it\ Elders -- listening to their stories\ teach what the Elders teach|

9) Understanding science's strengths and limitations.
parameters\ culture\ organize\ traditional knowledge\ working together\ Elders -- work with teachers of science\ adjusting\ open mind\ focus\ learning\ teaching\ Grandpa Joe|

10) Science activities and seasonal change.
trees-- watching them in the fall\ springtime\ seasonal change\ sequence of activities\ continuum\ trees\ photosynthesis\ light -- stays constant\ storms\ clouds\ nutrients\ fiber\ willows\ growing\ moose\ muskrat\ food source\ balance|

11) Seasonal round markers.
Huslia\ markers\ warm air -- geese\ Willow Lake\ light\ dark\ Spring\ warm winds -- marker\ cold- warm change\ fall -- freeze\ warm-up\ hunting season -- late fall\ meat -- cut sooner than usual\ fishnets -- kept in longer\ cold weather\ land -- spend time out on it\ subsistence activity\ knowledge -- pass on|


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