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Sponsored By: The Global Change Education Using Western Science and Native Observations Project
Funded By: NASA and the National Science Foundation.

The Climate Change Project Jukebox was developed as a collaborative effort between the Oral History Program and the "Observing Locally, Connecting Globally" (OLCG) teacher education project ( Since one of OLCG's goals was to introduce teachers to the climate change observations of local experts, OLCG invited Caleb Pungowiyi of St. Lawrence Island to share his knowledge at a teacher workshop in Fairbanks. This initial presentation was recorded by the Oral History project and provided the inspiration for development of the Climate Change Jukebox Project.

Once the process began, we looked for speakers representing different parts of the state and selected Martha Stackhouse from Barrow, Orville Huntington from Huslia, Kenneth Frank from Arctic Village and Samuel Demientieff from Fairbanks. All of these people are experienced members of the native community who maintain close contact with elders and who have a strong interest in environmental issues because of their own activities on the land. Many of their observations provide direct links between the climate and environmental changes they observe and the effects of those changes on life in rural Alaska We also included a presentation from snow and climate change scientist Matthew Sturm from Fairbanks, and we would still like to extend the project to include observations from southwest and southeast Alaska and the Aleutians.

Funding for the project was provided through NASA and NSF grants secured by the OLCG project.

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