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photo of two women on a fake surfboard in front of mural of a wave
Marge Adams Collection
picture of rose ambrose
Rose Ambrose Collection
photo of Hannah's house and the first clinic in Bettles
Hannah Anderson Collection

Willa Ashenfelter Collection

Irene Aukongak Collection
photo of two women sitting at a table
Paula Ayunerak Collection
photo of man talking on cb radio
George Brown Collection
photo of books spread out on table
Linda Curda Collection
photo of the Akiachak clinic
Moses Frederick Collection
picture of Beverly in the clinic
Beverly Hugo Collection
photo of man standing by gate and fence
Walter Johnson Collection
photo of Nolita in her exam room
Nolita Madros Collection
The Allakaket Clinic
Bertha Moses Collection
photo of health aide training center in Nome
Nome Photographs
photo of woman standing in kitchen with towels hanging on clothesline over head drying
Joyce Smith Collection