Elsie Bergman

Elsie Bergman, Transcript Section 9

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MARLA:  How do you feel about being -- having been a health aide?  Was it a good -- was it a good experience?  A positive experience? 

ELSIE:  It was a fantastic experience, but there was a lot of learning.  You learn a lot, too.  That's how I helped people.  How I get along with people.  And, you know, being with the people, big job. 

MARLA:  A very big job. 

ELSIE:  Yeah.  Big job. 

MARLA:  Yeah.  Do you have any advice for future health aides? 

ELSIE:  I would think they need to have training and exam.  A lot to pass, but they could do -- they could do.  And all they have to do is go through training for the job, and be able to help all the patients.  And I would encourage all of them to try, and go to school.  They would do, but they just think they can't.  It's a good job, but you try. 

MARLA:  And do you think that it's easier to live in the village or come from outside of the village and be a health aide? 

ELSIE:  I think it would be easier if they work in the village, they are from the village.  And yeah, because they would have to move here or from other community. 

MARLA:  And get to know the people? 

ELSIE:  Uh-hum (affirmative).  It was -- they would get used to it if they come from some other places, too.  And depends on how big size the village is.  They would probably like it, but they just never try.  People need to try it even if they wouldn't want to. 

MARLA:  Yeah. 

ELSIE:  I think. 

MARLA:  I think you're probably right. 

ELSIE:  Uh-hum.  Yeah. 

MARLA:  Hold on just a second.