Elsie Bergman

Elsie Bergman, Transcript Section 5

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MARLA:  Did you ever use traditional medicine or did you ever incorporate that into -- into your helping people? 

ELSIE:  Oh, you know how we used that, we explain it to them.

MARLA:  To the patient? 

ELSIE:  Uh-hum (affirmative), to the patient, if we need some kind of -- medicate, boil the birch, (indiscernible) tree barks, this little pine that they boil, they would boil that. 

MARLA:  And what does that do? 

ELSIE:  That's for, like, fresh air or it helps them take the cold out. 

MARLA:  And what kind of illnesses were in this area that you had to treat mostly? 

ELSIE:  Pneumonias, and not much of strep throat, but it used to be impetigo.  Not much, though.  Like we didn't have much people with high cholesterol or heart attack, heart problems. 

MARLA:  And now do you see that more or --

ELSIE:  You know, since about 10 years ago, that really started up.  And now we -- since about five years, we started caring, it seems like there's more of cancer here.  But we find the same things in the clinic.  Like if they are diabetic, like diabetic or anything, we find out them. 

MARLA:  And what kind of machines do you have, or have you seen?  Must have been from 1969 until now big change in medicine.  What kind of changes have you seen? 

ELSIE:  There was medicines, there's more a lot of other brands of medicines that are coming up now.  And that's been working very good.  And like the injection shots.  And I see we start having asthma and stuff like that. 

MARLA:  And changes, too, in the health care program, the Community Health Aide Program, or --

ELSIE:  Uh-hum.  Changed from long ago to right now.  It's more updated.  Everything's updated. 

MARLA:  Hard to imagine working in 1969? 

ELSIE:  Yeah.  When there was not much medicines. 

MARLA:  What did you have? 

ELSIE:  Just hardly anything, Tylenol and ointment or stuff. 

MARLA:  And no -- and the communication was difficult with doctors? 

ELSIE:  Uh-hum.  Hard to get the communication down to doctors and back around 1970. 

MARLA:  When did that change? 

ELSIE:  In 1978, had phone.