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MARLA:  And did you do some -- when you were a health aide, did you do any education, like nutritional education and -- and if so, was that -- how did that help or preventative health care? 

BERTHA:  When I have baby patients, that's the only time I tell nutrition, what to feed the baby and when to feed the baby. 

I don't really go by the books and teach them because when we had our little babies, we didn't have no natural book to follow, we had only the midwife or the nurse. 

And we did -- I always talk about breast feeding, nursing the baby is the best.  I tell all my prenatal patients that when I was working.  I also told them to one time -- two times I had overweight babies. 

One time one baby was three or four months old and he was so overweight, his neck was raw, too much folds.  And then I asked the mother what was she feeding the baby.  She said she feed the baby canned milk, Carnation canned milk, half and -- half water and half milk, and then she put sugar on it. 

And that, I told her, no sugar.  Try dilute his milk and give him -- start -- stop giving him sugar.  Stop that.  She didn't know.  She didn't ask me before that.  And so in about six weeks, the baby was back to normal and he was much healthier. 

And then another -- another lady -- young mother, her first boy, he was -- he was about a year and a half and he was way overweight.  So I told her to cut -- dilute his milk and don't give him sweets, don't give him salted meat, try feed him solids, plain food, see what would happen.  Not too long after that, she bring him back again and his weight was not quite normal but he was way better. 

And both of them grow up to be -- they are -- they grow up to be slim guys because we caught them in time. 

So I used to talk about the baby's diet mostly.  And some people when they have high blood pressure, I tell -- I go over their diet with them, too.  But I never talk about our family's history.  I didn't have time, I guess. 

MARLA:  Yeah.