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Bertha Moses,
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BERTHA:  We learned to draw -- draw the medication out of the bottle, how you have to be sterilized and everything.  And at first, too, we used to have to boil our needles.  And then we even had to sharpen our needles and boil them and use them again. 

MARLA:  And were you the only person who was doing this training with the Public Health nurse? 

BERTHA:  There was other lady, Caroline Bergman.  She took all that training at that time, too.  But she -- she was much younger, so they used -- I used to do most of the health aide work if I'm here.  She -- she does some of them when I'm not here.  She passed away about five years ago. 

And so we had our little training at that time, about one week, every night for about a week.  And then she -- she left some -- she had started the immunization again on the children, so she left serums for me to give -- finish giving them.  At that time I think it was somewhere, three -- three -- three -- one month apart or sort of like that. 

Even -- even polio was an injection at that time, but now sometime after that, it was start being given orally.  And most antibiotics at that time was injections, too. 

We didn't have any supplies, we didn't have any medicines, but we had -- we started learning to take care of the babies. 

Before that, a lot of babies go to the hospital at Tanana and stay there until they -- until they find the ride to send them home again. 

And after -- I think after the health -- they started having health aides, it was much better.  Then after that, we started having training. 

I'm saying "we" because there was a volunteer, one or two people volunteer in every village.  Like Sophie Beetus in Hughes, Annie Vent in -- Annie Vent and Marie Aska in Cutoff or -- no, in Huslia. 

And then I don't know the other villages, like Jessie -- Jessie Williams in Venetie, Nina Russell in Arctic Village, Alice Moses in Chalkyitsik, and Lynn Yungpik from Stevens Village.  And Nora Billy in Beaver. 

I remember -- those are the ones that are volunteer.  There's more of it, I don't know them.  But those are the ones that we had volunteered 11 years before we started getting paid.